Andrea Borges


At home in many languages

Every interpreter must have a perfect command of the language, but that’s not all. 

In addition to thorough training and a strong feel for the language, interpreters should be deeply familiar with the cultural context of the language’s home region. I am at home in German, English and Portuguese and provide interpretation in all their combinations. 

German <=> English
German <=> (Brazilian) Portuguese 
English <=> (Brazilian) Portuguese 


German is my mother tongue. In the world of interpreting, it is what is known as my “A” language. I am also fluent in English and Brazilian Portuguese. In the profession, these are referred to as my “B” languages.


In English I have a particular fondness for U.S. American, mainly due to my family background, numerous extended stays in the United States, and a strong passion for American literature and cinema. At work, however, I'm accustomed to a wide variety of accents and interpret speakers from diverse backgrounds – from South Africa to Ghana and India, through to Southern and Eastern Europe - and, of course, the United Kingdom.


After living and working in Brazil for several years, the country has become a second home for me – and not just linguistically. I also have strong family ties to the country. Much of my work in Portuguese is therefore conducted in the context of Brazil, be it in the sectors of industry, development aid, politics or sports, such as the preparations for the World Cup soccer tournament in 2014. Apart from Brazilian listeners, I also interpret for audiences from other Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.
Andrea Schanbacher

For other languages ... 

... I can recommend highly skilled colleagues and will gladly coordinate a team of interpreters to suit your needs. Contact me to find out more.